Obamacare Insurance


What is ObamaCare | what is the Affordable Care Act?

Unforeseen events like illness, death, an accident can take place anytime in life. It is impossible to avoid such happenings but dealing with such events positively is the only way to deal with such happenings. To help you stay positive and stand strong despite such adversities, Obamacare health insurance plans are there with you. Affordable Obama care plans not only secures your family’s future but also brings stability in your life

Many people stay aloof from getting insurance because they continue to live with a notion that it provides negative results.

But, this happens because the probability of people getting the wrong information about insurance is more than those of receiving the right one. So, we are here to burst that myth and build a trustworthy and long term relationship with you.

With our aim of protecting families through the right financial planning, we will help you in sailing smoothly, even in the worst situations of life.

There is several Obama care plans for insurance that are as follows:

Life insurance: The insurance covers living benefits, mortgage protection, retirement plan, and college planning. All our plans will directly and largely benefit your basic needs.

Accident insurance: Accidents bring forth unplanned expenses. So, to prevent you from immediate burden and pain of arranging money, we are here to help you. Obama care health insurance provides you supplemental protection that too in cash so that you feel less burdened even in the worst case scenario.
Health insurance: Under this Obama care health insurance plan, illness and accidents are covered. Our affordable health insurance plan provides you peace by reimbursing all medical expense, which result from any illness or accidents.
Disability insurance: Not being able to work due to any disability becomes a greater cause of worry as it hampers the smooth financial cycle. Not receiving pay check is something people are never prepared about. But, we are here to make you feel stress-free with our disability insurance plan.

Obamacare Insurance
Obamacare Insurance
Can I qualify for a plan?

To obtain Obamacare Health Insurance Plans, you must register during Open Enrollment period. If you missed the open enrollment, you can still get an Obamacare plan during Special Enrollment. You qualify for special enrollment if you, or someone in your household, has recently experienced certain life events - such as log-on health coverage, changing jobs, getting married / divorced, having a child or moving, to name a few.

Critical illness insurance: Critical illness of any kind changes the fate of your family and you. To prevent your family from shattering in pieces, we offer the critical illness insurance plan that will help in providing a protective shield, thereby securing your and family’s future.
Dental insurance: Why make a healthy smile an expensive affair when we are there to offer you the best and pocket-friendly insurance plans.

Vision insurance:Taking care of vision is as important as anything else. Vision exams will help in detecting several health issues like blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Taking action to prevent all these is must and should be taken care of immediately. We care for you that is why we offer you cheap and the best plans.
Hospital confinement insurance: High cost associated with long stay at hospitals can be haunting and a cause of worry. But to help you face such a situation with ease, we provide you plan which covers a variety of expenses to cover while you are at a hospital. So, with a wide range of plans, we offer you security from all the above adversities.

Get advice and choose the best plan

At ACA Advisor we are aware that preparing for the unexpected ensures your family peace of mind.